Who will be the next Organic Focus Vineyard?

Exciting news: we have been awarded funding from the MAF Sustainable Farming Fund to extend this project for a further three years, in three regions. We are now looking for focus vineyards in Marlborough and Central Otago to join this project and convert part of their vineyards to organic management, with a solid foundation of support and guidance provided by the project team.

For more information, contact the project manager, Rebecca Reider, on organicrebecca@xtra.co.nz.

A message to prospective focus vineyards, from Caine Thompson, manager of this year’s pilot focus vineyard at Mission Estate:

“How do you know if organics can or can’t work for you if you don’t try it yourself? This project is an opportunity for you to find out a lot about organics very quickly! By trialing an organic growing regime you will find you gain confidence in the products and methods used in organic farming while becoming more connected with the vineyard itself. I was surprised by how simple and effective the changes were and delighted with the quality of the fruit at harvest. It’s an opportunity for your business to compare an organic approach to how you have been farming at a relatively low risk with the wealth of support and mentorship that is given through the project, which is invaluable. Sometimes you need to step forward to learn and grow. This is an opportunity to do just that.”


About organicwinegrowersnz

Organic Winegrowers New Zealand (OWNZ) is an incorporated society for organic and aspiring organic grape and wine producers. We work to encourage and support the production of high quality organic wines from New Zealand, through education, research, networking, and advocacy.
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1 Response to Who will be the next Organic Focus Vineyard?

  1. Emma Taylor says:

    The certification of organic vineyards is a cash cow for the certifiers.

    To grow organically should not involve any cost to the grower what should be certified is the use of herbicides,insectacides and fungicides. Make them pay.

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